Ear Worm 19/04/2011- Tom Williams And The Boat

Ear worms are songs/tunes/snippets that just get in your head and ‘worm’ around all day, we all get them, they just pop in and pop out for no apparent reason.
I’ll periodically document some of mine.
Today, ‘Train Station Car Park’ by the fantastic Tom Williams and The Boat has been mine.
Largely a tale of a chap who is in the car park waiting for the return of his dad from work, it has a great hook of
‘It’s a ring road around London- the M25’
a jolly ditty, that hints of a better past.
They’re good Tom Williams et al, a band whom I discovered on the brilliant 6music and they’ll crop up now and then, get their album ‘Too Slow’ it’s a gem.

My own copy I got on vinyl as part of a limited run of, initially, 100 expanding to 200. Each are on 180g virgin vinyl and individually numbered- the first 100 hand stamped with a red stamp, the second 100 in blue, and all individually numbered- mine is 198- just got in!
Some releases came with messages from the band, and signed and stuff- mine has none of this, but it doesn’t distract from the sheer joy of taking it out of the sleeve and dropping the needle into the groove….beautiful…
…and not a barcode in sight!
It all feels right.

Go Here and become acquainted with Tom and His Boat, there’s a free mp3 of the excellent ‘See My Evil’ in there too.

A live version of todays ear worm:


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2 Responses to Ear Worm 19/04/2011- Tom Williams And The Boat

  1. jem says:

    Already you’ve achieved something with this blog. I’ve listened to a whole track and followed the link to check out other stuff on the band’s site – things that the fast pace of Facebook would rarely encourage me to do.

    I like the sound of this band, there’s something of the early 90’s about them, a sound you don’t hear often among new acts these days.

    • Guarin says:

      Brilliant, it’s already made it worth while- when I DJ if one person comes up to me and asks what a track is, I feel more joy than the whole place dancing- sounds crazy to most, but there you go.
      Listening to one of their tracks yesterday, it hit me how Belle and Sebastian one of the parts of the song was, so I get your point. And in fact, the thing that initially grabbed me about them was when “Get Older” was being played on BBC 6music, the opening part sounded just like New Model Army- which is no bad thing in my book.
      For a new band, with a slightly earlier sounding sound, try ‘Frankie and The Heartstrings’.
      Glad to have mad a difference.

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