The Smiths, LIVE!

Busy, so haven’t listened to much, but a thought crossed my noggin’ and it’s in the spirit of the whole thing, so, here it is…

Now, I don’t know about you, but for a band like The Smiths the album ‘Rank’ is a pretty poor document of the band live- it even has over dubs of audience, and I’m guessing the audience would have been pretty vocal at the time! In fact ‘Rank’ is a good title, as it is, well rank…

So, a while ago I started to look for decent recordings of their past (the world of mp3 has made this stuff accessible, and in fact there are plenty of bands out there who allow live recordings of their shows- the main thought behind this is that the studio recordings largely are the property of the record company- The Clash for example have wanted remixes  done, but don’t own the recordings so it couldn’t happen- crazy? You bet. The live material is the ‘property’ of the band, so used in the right spirit, this can only enhance their public profile- or somesuch babble.)

Extensive research, ahem, as lead me to arrive at two pretty much essential live shows:

“Thank You Lucky Star”


“Same Day Again”

“Thank You Lucky Star” recorded in California in 1986, is a quality recording from The Queen Is Dead era, notable moments are Mozzers perfectly crafted ‘cough’ in between the ‘mash up’ (before such things were thought of!) of Rubber Ring and What She Said, genius. Also his ‘ribbing’ of the security guards, which must have put their lives at risk, is Moz all over.

Oh, and I want The One I can’t Have on here is just OUT OF THIS WORLD- all his wa-ha-ha-ha’s and vocal improv. (I guess you’d call it) is just hilarious- he was in a cynical mood this night- great rrrrolling of rrr’s too.

The other, recorded by the BBC (so it’s GOT to be good) in Oxford as part of the Oxford Roadshow, I believe, and a year earlier than the afore mentioned, so Meat Is Murder, being the dominant album.

Moz isn’t as playful on here, but the versions are all top quality, Miserable Lie alows him to be a bit boisterous more rrr’s, and cracking high pitched tom foolery at the end- love ‘im.

So Happy Easter, and get on it!

Marr: “Have you read the blog Precinct of Sound? He’s says you use improv. and I thought you just arsed about!”


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2 Responses to The Smiths, LIVE!

  1. Natasha Castle says:

    What an amazingly accurate account!

    • Guarin says:

      Why thank you. I love these things, and think more people should hear them- check out my Prince blog, if you’re partial to the Purple Ones Golden Era…

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