The Moons

The song in my head this morning is The Moons cover of The Loving Spoonful’s “Darling Be Home Soon”, and in the spirit of Precinct Of Sound- I’m gonna tell y’all about The Moons.

Paul Weller keyboard player Andy Crofts new band, The Moons initially crossed my aural telescope at the beginning of last year. Signed to Acid Jazz, their second single, “Nightmare Day” was about to be released, so I bought their first one “Torn Between Two”, backed with a cover of the standard “Leaving Here”- a track I first got acquainted with, from hearing Motorhead’s version years ago (in fact it was the tune I played in the common room when I left Sixth Form- corny? Probably, did I feel good at the time? Hell Yeah!).

With their knack of writing 60’s influenced pop with a contemporary edge (think The Coral’s good stuff), and an immediacy to their tunes (think The Kinks, Buzzcocks, White Stripes- you know, the first time you hear a tune you could swear you’ve heard it before, I’m talking quality song writing here, please don’t get this confused with Oasis style plagiarism!) they had me hooked. I had to seem them live!

With his commitments to Paul Weller, only a handful of London dates seemed to be in the offing. Indeed, the release of their debut album “Life On Earth” spawned an album launch gig where a free cd was given to those who attended- “Darling Be Home Soon” was on this cd.

The album really is a gem- one of those where I can use a favourite phrase of mine- “No Fillah- All Killah!”. I’m not really a review site- there are thousands out there in virtual world, but I will say it was an immediate HIT! with my Lucy, a benchmark like no other, and was a mainstay in the car for months- her car, her rules, the ultimate test. It was THE album of last summer.

It really is one of the best albums you probably don’t own, trust me.

A new ‘Mod’ event in Brighton was announced at The Concord 2 arranged by Acid Jazz’s boss and general all round top bloke Eddie Piller- The Moons were to play, alongside Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Craddock and a selection of DJ’s, Dean Rudland, Rob Louis, Eddie Piller, Hipshaker DJ’s Sevengali‘s Johhny Owen and Mani! Yes Stone Roses and Primal Scream Bass God Mani- I shook the hand that played Fools Gold, I was very happy. Lucy and I were looking forward to this gig, but were quite disappointed when the set was cut short and The Moons only played for about 30mins, Andy didn’t look too chuffed either. He returned to play with Steve Craddock whose set comprised of solo material, all very nice lush English Summer type songs, some quite quiet- which meant that old problem at gigs, that seems to be coming more common place, of people having a chat while the band is playing. People if you need to talk while a band is playing, please do so at the bar or out in the ciggie area, thank you. The two OCS songs that finished the set woke up the crowd very nicely and smiles everywhere.

Disappointed at seeing only half a set but with an appetite whetted, we vowed to see The Moons live at the earliest opportunity. This happened to be at the under threat from closure 100Club on Oxford Street a week before Christmas. Supported by the ever hard-working Connett, more of them at a later date, we got treated to a full set, a few new tracks and a wonderful knees-up in the form of “Happy Days Toytown” by The Small Faces. Most interestingly for me, however, was my little chat with Adam Leeds from the band, in that the album was actually a few years old, the Weller commitments slowing down the process, and in they were already working on a new album, and it was to be recorded at Edwyn Collins’ West Heath studio. Regular updates by band members showing excitement at using some of the antique and period equipment at Edwyn’s studio as well as Joe Meek style keyboards has meant that I for one am very much looking forward to the fruits of this labour.

This album, titled “Tales of The Unexpected” will be released in June 2011 preceded by a single in May, and a Tour to promote the album- to which I’ll be going to the gig in Eastney (Southsea, nearly).

This band should be huge, for the moment I’m glad (selfishly) that they’re not, as I love an intimate gig, so get out and see them if you can.

(the bespectacled head bobbing in from the right, is my own noggin’)

Here’s to a big year for The Moons!


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