Such A Shame

Just heard ‘Dum Dum Girl’ by Talk Talk on the radio, and it’s reminded me of a thing.

Last year for a period of a month or so I watched the video to ‘Such a Shame’ by Talk Talk every day. The reason for this was that it is a) a good song and b) it would cheer me up no end.

I have read that Mark Hollis (Talk Talk Head-Dude) didn’t like making videos, but hey, this was the eighties and videos RULED!

There is a Dice Man link here, in the Novel, Luke Rhinehart’s protagonist makes his life’s decisions on the throw of a dice- this is echoed in the lyrics of the song, and indeed in the video, with a rolling dice image popping up now and then.

The ‘faces’ of Dice motif is also used with the different ‘faces’ of Mark’s character whilst singing- we get differently clothed Mark each with a different emotion, happy, sad, angry, meh, serious etc. Try and spot them!

The reason it would cheer me up is mainly down to Mark’s fantastically expressive face and his ‘head-bobbing’ dance where he repeatedly holds onto his hat- just try not to smile, I challenge you…

…and in fact, by the end of the video you get the general impression that he’s taking the piss and we’re all in on the joke.

Have a look yerselves…


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