Aisha by Death In Vegas with Iggy Pop

Lauren Laverne just played ‘Aisha’ by Death In Vegas, and it bought back an old thought about this track.

Back in the last century, 1999 to be precise, Death In Vegas released their second album entitled ‘The Contino Sessions’. I had known this band by a white label 12″ I had of ‘Dirt/GBH’ a single they had released in 1996 (a curiosity, it is a 12″ vinyl but with the 10″ cut into it!), the album that was from, Dead Elvis (apparently the name they wanted to call the band, but couldn’t- hence Death In Vegas) I missed as it was also the year of my daughter’s birth, and I had other priorities! (First child an all that) Welcome to the world Aisha.

Forward a few years and ‘The Contino Sessions’ was released with a host of special guests- Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Jim Reid (The Jesus and Mary Chain), Dot Allison (My Dreams, sorry, One Dove) and Iggy Pop.

Off I went, on day of release, to buy the album from a record shop (remember them?), that’s what we did back then, buy tangible things from shops, And, oh look, a track called Aisha! I scuttled home to listen to my new purchase, and excited about the track that is also the name of my, now, 3 year old daughter.

Now, it’s a bit dark, this tune, and it also tells the tale of a serial killer, who on first listen appears to be stalking a girl called Aisha…

“How’s the new cd, darling?”

“er, um, ok? Some great tracks on it…”

“How’s the one called Aisha?”

“er, good, yeah, great vocal by Iggy, great riff too…. I don’t think you should hear it though…”

To say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement, silly, probably- but this was a band I liked, and I singer I liked, singing a song which has the same name as one of the most precious things in my life. Ridiculous, although I bet Mr and Mrs Pepper felt proud about their boy Sargent and the song HE got!

But, it got me thinking.

Here was a song about a serial killer, one who deliberately takes and destroys life. He is after a girl called Aisha. Now I know that Aisha means life- it’s Swahili, I know this because this is the reason my daughter is called Aisha- LIFE.

So, I came to the conclusion that Aisha is actually the protagonists arch nemesis, for all his hollering and scariness it is SHE who is troubling HIM. She is everything he wants to destroy, but he can’t, and by the end he is pleading for her help…

That’s my take, anyway, and it meant I could enjoy the song.

Note:- I’m not using the official video, as a) it’s a different mix to the album and b) it’s a different interpretation of the song to mine.


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2 Responses to Aisha by Death In Vegas with Iggy Pop

  1. jem says:

    The comment I just posted reminded me that I’d been meaning to comment on this post ever since I read it. I think surely any band with integrity would be pleased if their listeners engaged imaginatively with their tracks. Personally one of the things I’ve always loved about music is finding my own meaning within a song, and then maybe hearing the writer’s intentions and seeing where there is difference or overlap. I’ve always hated it when I’ve said ‘this song makes me think about / feel x’ and someone has shot me down and said ‘but the band says it’s about y’.

  2. Guarin says:

    Absolutely, surely art is about interpretation. It’s fine to accept it at it’s immediate level, but I’m pretty certain most ‘artists’ would agree that there is depth and thought behind their work.- regardless of their medium. In fact discussing hidden meaning and messages within paintings, sculpture and ‘art’ is wholly accepted- pop songs on the other hand seem to be excluded from this. I agree that it can sound pompous and the music and lyrics should do the talking, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge. My blog will reflect that- I have thousands upon thousands of songs in my collection, but I’ll talk about merely a drop in the ocean.
    Thank you for your contribution- and your awareness that this isn’t a ‘closed shop’ I like discussion!

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