Why Glastonbury 2011 was all about the ladies…

No- I didn’t go to Glastonbury, I observed from the relative cleanliness of my home- via the mixed media on which such an event can now be ‘experienced’.

Now I’m not one to be pulled by the big players at such events, in fact in 1995, when Pulp were delivering THAT performance, which has now gone down in history (to a degree that has bands trying to create a ‘Glastonbury moment’, none more embarrassingly so than this year, when it seemed EVERY band tried to turn one of their tracks into a ‘moment’- Pop will eat itself? you betcha!)- I was in a tent banging away to Eat Static, after a sublime set by Richie Hawtin, who followed Coldcut’s Matt Black doing his ‘Cut and Paste’ thing long before it was fashionable- and I wouldn’t change it now.

Back to the Ladies.

Three acts that caught my ear this year, all via various different prompts- and this is the key, I like Random Access Music references. All these acts are new to me, so I wont elaborate on their style or history- it’s all out there in the virtual universe, but I’ll use this platform as a way to introduce them to you- I like them, and you might.

In no particular order, first up is Rumer. Glastonbury is a place full of rumours, who’s playing, who’s the surprise act, who’s guesting with a particular star (Mandela with Beyoncé? It was a big rumour) etc. Following various links on Twitter, I got to thinking that peoples predictive texting had gone AWOL, as one day was full of “Rumer’s”. I later was looking at the BBC Glastonbury video links, and lo and behold an act called Rumer. I had to have a listen.

I was floored.

Sounding like Karen Carpenter, this lady’s voice had me captivated, backed up with the lazy lounge-like band’s eazi-jazz stylings, it was just so- relaxing. Hazy sunshine, soft focus flowers, bees buzzing, far off cricket match on the village green, you get the picture. It reminded me of the same ketamine effect of Morcheeba’s ‘The Sea’.

Next up, I had been hearing a track on 6Music for a few weeks that I increasingly came to love- ‘Desire’ it was called, and for various reasons I kept missing the name of the artist. Skipping around the ‘Glasto’ site again, I came across a lady with a big Red guitar (Gibson Gretsch? I’m no expert) she was plucking a great little Nitzsche style number, bassline was quality etc. I like this, I thought. Anna Calvi was her name, further reading meant I came across the fact that she indeed had been the source of ‘Desire’- Album ordered!

The last act came via a tweet from up and coming band and Primal Scream support act- Kid British, who had just been to see Janelle Monáe. Who had finished her set in monumental style, apparently. I hunted her down had a little read- ‘cross-genre’ and ‘Fritz Lang influenced’ made me even more curious. Indeed her album ‘Archandroid’, so far has me hooked- largely based within the R&B genre, I’d guess, the overall feel of the album is just so immediate- tracks merge into one another keeping the theme, but gently altering style. I’m no expert in the field of R&B- but ‘Speakerboxx/The Love Below’ by OutKast springs to mind. In fact Big Boi guests on a track.

And she wears a Tux well…


(for some unknown reason, I can’t embed the video here, so please click on the link.)

As for the headling lady- Beyoncé, well, I was watching Kool and The Gang…





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