Tom Williams And The Boat- Teenage Blood

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d start 2012 with a post about one of my favourite ‘new’ bands- Tom Williams And The Boat.

I have touched on them a few times within these Precinct walls, so rather than re-treading old pathways, I am going to bring you up to date with what the band are doing now, it’s all very exciting, and it’s all about their second album ‘Teenage Blood’.

The ‘home grown’ ethic that surrounded the first album is present here. To enable the band to stay independant of record company pressures, they have financed the recording and release of the album by obtaining ‘pledges’ from us, the fans. The way it works is, the band put up various ‘products'(or pledge) with a price, and one signs up, and pays for the pledge of their choice. These range from a download of the finished album for £8 to buying one of Tom’s paintings for £500.

A cake made by Violinist, Geri, for £10 was snaffled pretty quickly, and other styles of pledges include a drum lesson from Drummer David (Who is a music teacher too), a secret Acoustic gig at Boat Hq, guitar lesson with Axe-man Ant, writing a song with Tom and being Tom’s Pen Pal for a year.

I signed up for one of the Vinyl releases of the album- pleased as I am with the vinyl of the first album, ‘Too Slow’ (of which you can pledge for a test pressing for £40- if you’re quick!).

All pledges come with a digital download of the album, plus- and this is the best bit- regular video updates from Tom on how things are going with the album, and other goodies, for example Tom talking you through how to play certain songs on the guitar, and demos of tracks which may or may not appear on the album. Chords, lyrics and the like are also attatched to the updates.

All pledgers get a download of ‘Misery’, which is rather good, and added this very Sunday, the video of next single and BBC 6music rebel playlist winner ‘My Bones’ AND a free Mp3 download of the tune.

This is a band who are forging a very good relationship with their fans, and this idea of the pledge system is an excellent way of keeping things independent and away from the traditional constraints of record labels and contracts.

Get on it!

You’ll have to pledge to see the goodies, so here is the rather excellent ‘Get Older’ from the first album.

Today the Pledges reached 100%- a big day for The Boat!
Here’s the ‘My Bones’ video

and you can pop over to the Tom Williams And The Boat website for a free download of the single!

How’s that for brill!

Part 2


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