Shack Up! feat. ACR, RSW, Happy Mondays and Banbarra

A short piece about one of my favourite beats- I’m calling it ‘Shack Up Riddim’, and the story of my discovery of it, which turned out to be almost 100% the reverse of it’s own chronology.

There were various things that Pop Will Eat Itself ‘Dug’ on their Warriors sampling hit of ’89, Can U Dig It?- one of them was Renegade Soundwave. During the same year, Renegade Soundwave (or RSW) had a minor hit with ‘Probably A Robbery’ (both songs reached #38 in The Hit Parade, at different times…), this laconic tale of ‘skullduggery’ had me hooked on these London wideboys- with big Bass, great beats, and better samples (they sampled Serge Gainsbourg for heaven’s sake!). Their debut album, ‘Soundclash’ was followed by a dub version, called ‘In Dub’, the single off the album ‘Thunder II’ had as one of it’s b sides, a track with a fantastic beat, the track is called ‘Mash Up’

In the midst of those hazy-crazy Madchester days, and the release of the soundtrack proper (to me) of this time- The Happy Mondays ‘Pills, Thrills and Bellaches’, and the beat crops up again on ‘God’s Cop’

Unbeknown to me at that time, the beat on ‘God’s Cop’ fed straight from Manchester heritage- as it was lifted from Factory favourite A Certain Ratio’s track ‘Shack Up’, It would be a few years before I realised this- I had a few ACR records, the ‘Four To The Floor EP’ and it’s accompanying album ‘MCR’ being a couple, but I hadn’t really delved into their past, had I done I would have discovered this gem much earlier…

Ah, Whistles and Cowbells, no one does it quite like ACR (well, apart from Janice Graham Band, of course!)
Forward to last year and ex 400 Blows and current Moody Boy, Tony Thorpe, is posting some tracks that have influenced him on F***book, and as he is one of the constants through my record buying life- always coming up with a quality sound, regardless of where he dabbles- I pay attention to his selections. And would you believe he plays a certain record (ACR- geddit?) called ‘Shack Up’ by Banbarra. This is the first time I realised that the ACR tune was a cover version- and quite a good version they did of it too.

I have since managed to track down the 7” , finding out it was from 1975, and enjoy the track and it’s flip version very much- and I hope you do too…

(NB this video has both sides back to back)

If there are anymore tracks that use the beat out there that you cyber-folk know of, please’ let me know. Thank you.


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