Two new things I’m keeping an eye on.

That wonderful station that is 6music, has once again thrown up two artists that have caught my ear.

They are very different from each other, show the diversity the station provides and proves the station has new music to offer that is not the lightweight indie/ underground rock that critics have recently thrown at it.

So, in no particular order, first up is Public Service Broadcasting.

The track being played off of their ‘War Room’ ep, is Spitfire. An homage to arguably the most beautiful Aeroplane to have graced the skies, complete with samples courtesy of the 1942 film ‘The First Of The Few’, starring Leslie Howard and David Niven, telling R J Mitchell’s quest to build the “fastest and deadliest fighter aircraft”. The track has a Krautrock feel (ironically considering the subject matter, although Mitchell did get his inspiration from the Messerschmitt) and initially had me thinking of late 80’s early 90’s bands like Loop and Blow Up with the layered guitar sound, with the shimmering keyboards of Spacemen 3.
I like the use of vocal samples, and has me thinking PSB as a Krautrock fuelled Avalanches.

Find out more here.

Next up is Belgian singer Benjamin Schoos, and his single ‘Je Ne Vois Que Vous’ featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab.

Sounding like Saint Etienne if they were from Paris, and not London, there are obvious nods toward Serge Gainsbourg, and indeed at first I thought it was one of his tracks. I don’t know anything about him, but will, and it has also reminded me that I really need to investigate Stereolab- I think I’ve liked everything I’ve heard of theirs, but don’t own any.

His site for you to peruse.


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