Jake Bugg

Now here is an artist that I’m fairly excited about.

Jake Bugg’s “Lightning Bolt” has made the 6music playlist- so it’s no surprise that I have heard it a few times. Thing is, it’s one of those tunes that you think you’ve heard before- not because it’s derivative or plagiarist, but because it is timeless.

Jake, 18, hails from Clifton, Nottingham- but when you hear the song, you wouldn’t sound too foolish if you said, “erm, mid-west US of A, forgotten classic dug up from 1960.”

Listening to his other tracks thus far, and I am looking forward to see how this guy progresses, it is a fresh take on country, and a sound that I think suits the times.

Get a free download here.


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1 Response to Jake Bugg

  1. Mick Tees says:

    Very Cool,,,,”Modern Country”,,,,,I like it!!!

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