Davey And The Chains

Hello Pop Pickers!

A quickie for today. Last night listening to BBC6 music (again), Jon Hillcock was sitting in for Gideon Coe- and he played a track by Davey And The Chains. The track was ‘Not Bad’, and actually it was quite good- very, in fact, as it stopped me what I was doing to listen to it. Always a good sign.

The track is pretty sparse, with a lovely simple bassline, and a great little echo-ey Melodica that pops up- the effect is rather like a folky, laid back indie vibe- with plenty of Augustus Pablo influences (not just the Melodica, but the whole dub production approach- the spaces between the notes are just as important.)

A listen to their album later, and the whole is a lovely mellow experience, with quite a post-punk/new wave vibe- Bass guitar to the front, scratchy picked guitar, and simple melodies.

A winner for me!

Go to their bandcamp, and send them some love…


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