The Squadron Leaders Live in Brighton 22/09/2012

Brighton’s number one WWII themed surf outfit were the support for Los Fantasticos at The Prince Albert in Brighton, on this late summer evening in September.
I say WWII themed because they have been known to don RAF fatigues for their shows, tonight they mount the stage with blackshirts, pink ties and false moustaches- dapper.

Steve, Kerry and Dills play sax fronted instrumental surf, with a bit of b-movie dialogue thrown in for good measure. I’d like to think they hover within a triangle whose points are populated by Link Wray, Dick Dale and Jack Nitzsche. Their sets can be frenetic, moody or a mixture of both- tonight is the latter, perhaps leading more to the slower, moody side- and it’s good, very good. There are a few issues with Dills counting- but he’s a Palace fan so that’s quite normal (to be fair it was probably a faulty click track in his ear). What he does do very well is hit those skins, and the sound system in The Albert is very clear and crisp, and the snare especially sounds fantastic. Kerry’s sax adds a different dimension, and it’s rasp really cuts through. Steve’s guitar looks and sounds gorgeous- whether he be plucking the strings in that high pitched surf style, or thrashing them for a wall of sound, it sounds the part- Riffs, yeah? Can you dig it?

I’ve seen the band a few times over the years, and the selection tonight is made up of some old classics, mixed in with some new material- every track receives a good cheer from the assembled crowd, and each track has that instant hit of good songwriting.

But don’t take my word for it, have a listen to the attached playlist and buy the album here.


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