POS Snack Bar and Grill Pt.1- Tortilla Wrap Pizza

Music is food for the soul, but we still need actual food. So, recently opened on The Precinct, is the POS Snack Bar and Grill- and they’ve kindly donated some recipes for me to share…

First up-

Tortilla Wrap Pizza.

You need
2x Tortilla Wraps (at least)
Pizza topping (buy some, or go all out and make your own!)
Mozzarella- grated, in a ball to be torn,whatever floats yer boat
Any topping you so desire

Pre-heat oven to 220 C

Get a baking tray, use a round pizza baking tray if you have one- or the Dude can go straight on the bars- you’re the boss!

Get a Tortilla Wrap, pop some tomato pizza topping on it- work it round with the back of a spoon (one regular visitor to the Bar likes BBQ sauce instead at this point, experiment- Fusion food, East meets West Pizza with Hoi Sin Sauce has been known- Crazy!)

Place another Wrap on top, add more tomato topping, and any other topping of your choice- Chorizo chunks work pretty well, as an example of the all nation encompassing feel to this truly worldwide snack.

Cheese goes on NOW!

Pop in oven, 5-7mins should be ok, but just keep a watch- Ovens vary.

When a lovely even cooked appearance is there, right on top of your creation- it’s time to get it out, and slice the pizza.

Last, but not least- enjoy! (but keep the oven on- because you might just want to go ahead and make another!)


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