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POS Snack and Grill Pt.2- Precinct Of Sound Dhal

Dhals are great- cheap, relatively simple to make and packed full of goodness. They’re also vegan,so they tick that box too. There’s quite a variety, and over the years I have tried quite a few- so what we have here … Continue reading

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POS Snack Bar and Grill Pt.1- Tortilla Wrap Pizza

Music is food for the soul, but we still need actual food. So, recently opened on The Precinct, is the POS Snack Bar and Grill- and they’ve kindly donated some recipes for me to share… First up- Tortilla Wrap Pizza. … Continue reading

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Lucid Movements: Me and Rap.

Being a music loving teen of the 80’s, Rap has always been part of my cultural life. It was the crossover of ‘Licence To Ill’ period Beastie Boys that had me, as well as many of my peers, hooked on … Continue reading

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Jake Bugg

Now here is an artist that I’m fairly excited about. Jake Bugg’s “Lightning Bolt” has made the 6music playlist- so it’s no surprise that I have heard it a few times. Thing is, it’s one of those tunes that you … Continue reading

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The 17: Damascus In London

A few years ago I was brought to the attention of ex-KLF Bill Drummond’s new project- The17. This was to be a choir, which differered everytime it performed. It would not be recorded for prosterity, and the audience would be … Continue reading

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Darron J Connett

I first heard of Darron J Connett when I sent off for a free ep a few years back, the cd arrived with a variety of bumpf including a photo shoot Darron did for Ikon for a fashion magazine, what … Continue reading

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Heavy Rotation 27/7/2011

If  ‘Ear Worms’ are tracks that get in your head and don’t come out- ya know go round and round yer head all day, then I’m going to call repeated listening to an artist/albums/genre over a week or so ‘Heavy … Continue reading

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Depeche Mode V’s Johnny Cash

Not a Harry Hill style ‘FIGHT!’, but a reflection on the track ‘Personal Jesus’.

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Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley

30 years ago today the world of Reggae lost it’s superstar.

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Bant Singh

Popping up regularly within my sphere, is the story and music of this man- Bant Singh. A farmer from Punjab in India, Bant Singh has a remarkable voice and his story has shown him to have a remarkable spirit.

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