Now Playing 19/8/2011

This is a bit of an experiment, and a ‘little and often’ type thing.

Inspired by Tom Robinson’s (yes HIM) 6Music show ‘now playing’, he has a feature where he looks to twitter for the hash tag ‘#’ #nowplaying, and picks 5 songs at random, reads them out and plays one.

What I’m going to do is, at any given time, look at #nowplaying, and scroll down until I find the first track I own, play it, and do a piece about it’s connection to me- and this could mean anything, I love music and tracks could have many different relationships with me.

As an idea of how quickly the hash tag changes, 220 tweets have appeared whilst I’ve typed this- so hopefully it will be fairly random.

The track that I came across tonight isn’t particularly out of the ordinary, but it is an absolute classic- I give you ‘This Charming Man’ by The Smiths.

Now, the version I came to love above the various mixes that are available (yes, as their second single the 12” had a ’Manchester’ mix, which was the ‘original version’ and a ‘London’ mix. Whilst 80’s 12” remixer extraordinaire- Francois Kevorkian ran a limited ‘New York’ mix for the clubs- which would appear on the 1993 re-issue) is the John Peel session version off the ‘Hatful Of Hollow’ album- essentially a collection of Radio sessions- as this was the version I listened to most. This was also, incidentally, the first recorded version of the track.


A tale of a chap on his bike, getting a puncture on ‘a hillside desolate’ who is then picked up by ‘This Charming Man’ immediately strikes an image in my mind that hasn’t changed since the first time I heard it. They are the Pennines he is on, and the vista is looking west. It’s a bright, crisp spring day, maybe the first suitable for a lengthy cycle ride. He’s most certainly picked up by a chap in a British Racing Green MG- the bike will have to stay on the hillside, whilst our protagonist enters a new chapter in his life- ‘why pamper life’s complexities, when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?’ he has made his decision- it’s soft British leather from now on, the bike is probably still on the hillside- rusty, with a punctured tyre.

Peel Session


New York Vocal


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